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NSP Scholarship Money Are Now Directly Deposited Into Students’ Bank Accounts

In a groundbreaking development, NSP Scholarship Money has commenced direct deposits into students’ bank accounts. This move streamlines the payment process and empowers students to conveniently monitor the status of their scholarship disbursements through the official website.

This transformational initiative aims to expedite the transfer of scholarship funds to beneficiaries, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. After submitting the application form on the official website, the scholarship amount is usually credited to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts within a few months.

Unlike physical disbursements, the scholarship funds are directly accessible through the beneficiary’s bank account. To satiate curiosity regarding scholarship disbursement, students can visit the official NSP portal and utilize the “Know Your Payment” option to access comprehensive payment details. Delve into this article for comprehensive insights into the NSP Scholarship Money Credited process.

National Scholarship Status Detail

For students who have applied for various scholarships facilitated by the Indian Government through the National Scholarship Portal, checking the status of their applications is a straightforward process.

By visiting the official National Scholarship Portal and inputting their application number, students can seamlessly access information about NSP Scholarship Money Credited.

This approach eliminates the need to physically visit government offices for status updates. Ensuring you monitor your application status diligently provides valuable insights into the progress of your payment.

Highlights of the NSP Scholarship Scheme

NameNSP Scholarship Money Credited In Student’s Bank Accounts 2023
Launched byIndian Government
ObjectiveFacilitating online scholarship disbursements to students
BeneficiariesStudents across India
Official WebsiteNSP Scholarship

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking NSP Scholarship Money Credited

  1. Visit the NSP Scholarship website of the National Scholarship Portal by clicking the provided link. NSP Scholarship Money Credited Official Website
  2. The homepage will open, displaying relevant options.
  3. Click on the “Track Your Payment” option.
  4. A new page will emerge, prompting you to enter specific details:
    • Bank
    • Account Number
    • Confirm Account Number
    • Verification Code
  5. Click on the “Search” option.
  6. The information you seek will be presented on your screen.

NSP Scholarship Payment Benefits

The official National Scholarship Portal offers an intuitive platform to check the payment status of applicants who have submitted their forms. Applicants can efficiently verify their application status using their application number, obviating the necessity of visiting government offices.

This streamlined process not only saves time and money but also promotes transparency in the scholarship disbursement procedure. Accurate information regarding your payment status is paramount to accessing your financial benefits promptly.

Contact Information

  • Email: helpdesk@nsp.gov.in
  • Phone: 0120 – 6619540


The direct crediting of NSP Scholarship Money into students’ bank accounts marks a significant stride towards fostering accessible and efficient scholarship disbursement. The National Scholarship Scheme, spearheaded by the Indian Government, continues to empower economically disadvantaged students on their educational journey.

By leveraging the user-friendly National Scholarship Portal, students can not only apply for scholarships but also monitor their payment status effortlessly. This innovative approach reflects the commitment to transparency, accessibility, and progress in the realm of education.


Which details are necessary to check the national scholarship status?

In order to access your payment information, provide your bank account number and NSP application ID.

When will the NSP Scholarship Money be credited to students’ bank accounts in 2023?

NSP scholarship funds will be credited to beneficiaries’ bank accounts at the conclusion of the academic year. Check the official website for updates.

What does “National scholarship status” imply?

To check your payment status, visit the official National Scholarship Portal website and select the “Know Your Payment” option.

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